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Pregnant Tea recipe for Mothercraft Midwifery

If you haven’t already heard me sing the praises of my best friend Kara—then you’re going to get an earful now! My best friend (since I was 13) is a badass, homebirth midwife in San Francisco (a city from which I used to hail). She has caught countless babies, both inside a hospital and out…but mostly out. She runs her business Mothercraft Midwifery out of the amazing Root Midwives office in SF. And currently she is risking her life to deliver babies through Covid. I have made her herbal recipes for so many mom friends and I’m ecstatic to share one with you today—her pregnancy tea.

She recommends a pot a day starting at any point in pregnancy and continuing into the postpartum to support uterine healing and blood building. The way to get the full essence of the micronutrients is to put a big handful of the dry herbs into a jar of hot water before bed and allow to steep through the night. Then strain in the morning and reheat to drink. It’s also great with a 10 min steep and great chilled on a hot day. 


3P Red Raspberry Leaves: Tones uterine muscles in pregnancy, boosts milk supply in

2P Rose Hips: High in C, supports iron absorption.
1P Nettle: Highly usable vitamin K, promotes kidney function, prevents anemia, boosts milk supply.
1P Oatstraw: Rich in calcium, minerals. Promotes relaxed nerves, healthy muscle functioning, strong bones and teeth, stabilized blood sugar, nourishes pancreas/liver/adrenals, helps ease headaches, promotes sleep.
1/2P Cinnamon: Warming, aids digestion.
1/2P Fennel seed: Supports digestion, enriches breastmilk. Preventive of colic and gassiness in babies.
1/4P Peppermint: Flavor, aids nausea. Omit if using homeopathy.
P = part: A part can be any measurement i.e. a tablespoon.

Steep for at least 30 minutes, or over night for maximum benefit. Store extra tea in the refrigerator up to a week.

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