Thin Skin Salve

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Recently I visited my father down in Texas and I noticed he had many dark bruises and wounds on his skin. He said he has issues with his skin opening and tearing very easily as he ages and informed me that my grandmother had it as well—which I remember vividly. Thin skin is an inevitable symptom of aging but I do think some are more predisposed to it than others. My dad is only 75 and his skin looks to be the skin of a much older person. I think sun damage, diet and genetics all play a role.

I wanted to create for him a spot salve for when he has a fresh wound or a stubborn bruise, this recipe is what I came up with. I start with an herbal oil infusion that will serve as the base. I picked herbs and oils that are specific to healing skin for various reasons I will detail below.

1 TBL Calendula (anti-inflammatory and soothing)
1 TBL Borage (decreases inflammation, hydrates and restores dry skin)
1 TBL Plantain (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties)
1 TBL Comfrey (anti-inflammatory and helps new skin cells grow)
1/2 cup Hemp Oil (restores the skin barrier and helps it to retain moisture)
1/2 cup Coconut Oil (hydrates the skin, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing, has antibacterial properties)

1. Double boil your herbs and oil mixture on low for at least an hour

2. Strain through a sieve, be sure to press on the herbs to get all the really good medicinal properties. You can also strain through a bag if you don't want flecks of herb in your salve (which I personally love as it's a reminder that it came from the earth). Set aside.

1 cup Herbal Infusion Oil
1/4 cup Beeswax
1 TBL Crude Shea Oil (helps moisture, relieves dry skin and irritation)
1 TBL Vitamin E (anti-inflammatory, aids swelling)
8 drops Helichrysum (protects the skin's collagen, retains elasticity)
8 drops Frankincense (helps protect skin cells, effective in healing wounds, natural antiseptic)

1. Double boil the herbal oil, beeswax and shea on medium heat until the harder oils and waxes are completely melted. A gentle whisk as you go will help the process. A hand whisk is fine.

2. Remove from heat and add your vitamin E oil and essential oils, whisk to blend thoroughly.

3. Pour into a mason jar or any spare container.

4. VERY delicately apply to fresh wounds and bruises as needed. Patting vs smearing is important so as to not do more damage. If you are making this for someone else be sure to specify the same.

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