Low Sugar Takuan

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I eat some form of pickled food a day whether it be kraut or kimchi or homemade pickled beets.  I love to incorporate some form of probiotic in my diet so my gut is healthy and balanced.  My breakfast go to: a soft boiled egg, some sort of pickle, a bed of quinoa and a little soy sauce (trust me you'll never go back). 

So when I discovered sushi 'burritos' (which is a terrible word for them) it was a revelation.  Truly it's just a very large hand roll and very quick and easy way to eat something healthy on the go.  My favorite Japanese pickle is Takuan!  But I wanted a lower sugar option then the ones you get in the restaurants and one without food coloring.  I cut the standard amount of sugar in a quarter and add curry powder for color and just a touch of added flavor.  Enjoy!

Low Sugar Takuan
(will make one small mason jar of 
2 daikons, sliced into 1/8 inch pieces and into half moons
4 tea salt
.5c sugar
.5c rice vinegar
.5 tea curry powder
1 pint mason jar

Mix salt, sugar, vinegar and curry powder into a non metallic bowl and try to dissolve sugar as best you can.  Add sliced daikon and mix until the daikon seems thoroughly coated with the vinegar mixture.  Let daikon sit on your counter top overnight.  In the morning squeeze out you daikon and add to a clean mason jar. Boil your vinegar mixture in a pot over medium heat and remove any scum that appears.  Cool then pour the juice into the jars over your daikon.  Your takuan will be ready to eat in two weeks!

My sushi burrito combo:  salmon sashimi, mango, takuan, sushi rice and organic nori. 

(This recipe was taken and modified from www.foodjimoto.com)


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