Quick + Simple Green Clay Mask

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Mask after it has been 'whipped'.  Mortar + pestle by Powderhorn Kitchen.

Around this time of year my skin starts to get a major case of the blahs. It’s both dry and oily coming off the change of season and it’s overall confused. So I whip up this quick little mask to boost it’s tone, texture and clarity. It’s simple but packs all the punch you need.

The base of our mask is french green clay. Everyone has their favorite clay to use when making a clay mask and green is hand’s down my favorite.  It’s purifying, very drawing and feels so good on one’s skin. The second ingredient is raw honey. I add raw honey to every single mask I make which is a testament to how beneficial I think it is. It’s a humectant, has a natural pH, is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It’s really important you use a honey that is authentically ‘raw’ so as to preserve the natural enzymes in the honey. The third ingredient is distilled water or your favorite hyrdrosol. This element simply allows the mask to liquefy and make it pliable. And lastly, our tour-de-force ingredient, the essential oils of your choosing.

Everyone’s skin is obviously different so when setting out to make your mask focus on essential oils that will aid your skin instead of harm it. Below I put together a short list of oils and their different properties:

LAVENDER:  good for inflammation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, burns, combats excess sebum.  Good for all skin types. 
CLARY SAGE: good for acne and balancing oil production.  Good for oily skin.
GERANIUM: good for cell regeneration, circulation, anti-inflammatory skin issues: acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, burns, bruises and broken capillaries.  Good for combination skin.
FRANKINCENSE: good for inflammation, cell regeneration, acne, wrinkles, balancing skin tone and texture.  Good for mature skin.
NEROLI: good for cell regeneration and mature skin, balances sebum production. Good for all skin types.  

The benefit of essential oils is endless but not all essential oils are good for direct application to the skin! Each type has a very particular safety protocol so peruse websites and resources that really know what they’re talking about. My personal favorite is: naturesgift.com.  There is a ton of misinformation on the internet about natural remedies and it's important to find a reliable and consistent source to avoid harm.  Nature is powerful!

Four simple ingredients make a quick + amazing mask. 

( 1 to 3 applications )
1Tbl French Green Clay
1 tea Raw Honey
1Tbl Distilled Water or Your Favorite Hydrosol
1-2 drops Essential Oil
Mortar and Pestle

To make your mask use a mortar and pestle if you have one.  The pestle makes for an effortless mix of powder and liquid as opposed to scraping with a spoon.  Add your clay and honey to your mortar and start to mash.  These two ingredients won’t really want to bond right away but just get them acquainted to start.  Then add your water and start to vigorously mix in a circular direction.  Once your mask starts to have a smooth texture and look ‘whipped’ add your essential oils.  Apply to your face with fingers and let sit for about ten minutes.  When ready to remove, wet a soft towel with warm water and cover your face with it.  After about a minute slowly wipe the mask away.

This mask will keep in a small container but be sure to use distilled water (vs tap) to prevent the growth of bacteria.  Adding vitamin e will act as a preservative.  

Probiotic Capsule, simply open into the clay before you add honey and water
Vitamin E, add .25 tea to total mixture
Aloe Vera Gel, add 1 tea and reduce distilled water to 2 tea

Don't feel like making your own?  Buy our Lulu Organics Green Clay Mask!

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